Professionals in the automotive, oil and gas, and industrial processing industries as well as businesses with large fleets to manage love the efficiency and reliability of the Flo Trend Phase 3 Oil Water Separator. This simple, rugged piece of separation equipment is the easiest, most reliable way to divide and collect two immiscible liquid fractions. If your business or organization is responsible for removing oil from your wastewater stream, this equipment could be the sturdy, time-saving solution you’re looking for.

The secret to the Phase 3 Oil Water Separator’s success is its unique module engineered to produce two- and three-phase separations within a compact design. The separator works by first skimming oil off of the top of wastewater with a plate steel barrier. The water is then forced underneath the barrier. As the remaining oil and water surface, they pass through coalescing media, which aerate and separate the oil and water. The oil is then skimmed once again by another plate steel barrier and weir. The free water then drops off and exits through the port on the side.

The design of the Phase 3 Oil Water Separator provides uniform, uncloggable flow with dispersed phase distribution and coalescing of oil, especially at lower viscosities. All the hard work is done by gravity. Thanks to its simplicity, the Oil Water Separator is fully customizable to suit your project needs. It can handle gallons per minute (GPM) flow rates between 5–1,000 GPM. An optional surge tank can be provided to reduce turbulent flow coming to the separator due to the type of pump being used to feed it. Winterization options, level controls, integrated auxiliary oil collection tanks and pumps, sludge pump-out systems and alarms are available, as well. Whatever you need, Flo Trend can build!

Can you say all this about your current oil/water separation system?

• No pre-treatment
• High-efficiency separation
• Large surface-area coalescing media
• No moving parts
• Easy cleaning
• Minimal maintenance
• All-steel construction
• Large solids settling area

When you’re ready to maximize the ease and efficiency of your oil/water separation, give Flo Trend a call at 1.800.762.9893. No matter your industry, we can supply the right solution for your separation or dewatering problem.