Along the Gulf Coast of the United States, it’s a smart idea to ensure that your municipality or private organization is prepared to handle a lot of stormwater over a very short period of time before hurricane season begins. Torrential downpours and even storm surge can quickly overwhelm storm drainage systems and lift stations, leaving behind literal tons of sludge, debris, grit, and other insoluble, inorganic material.

Fortunately, Flo Trend has dealt with many powerful storms in our home base of Houston, Texas, and our dewatering experts are keenly aware of how lift stations function. Vacuum trucks and sludge tankers are often called in to remove and haul away the materials left behind in and around a lift station by stormwater, but this process can be costly. In response, Flo Trend has engineered a better solution to the treatment and disposal of list station waste.

To dewater lift state waste and storm sludge, you need a container filter with filter media on the bottom, sides, and back wall. Flo Trend’s Debris Mate® Container Filter is the first container filter with a swinging bar screen that prevents clogs or jams caused by rags wipes, or other large debris. At the same time, the Debris Mate’s expanded metal grating covers the side walls and acts as a strong barrier against being punctured by rocks, stones, sticks, or gravel.

These resilient features make the Debris Mate the perfect tool for filtering large amounts of inorganics from vacuum truck, storm drain, and lift station wastewater before adding it to the headworks of the municipal wastewater plant or industrial waste stream. Once the grit and other bar-screen material have had time to dewater adequately inside the container filter, a much smaller volume of dry, solid material can be more easily and affordably transported to an approved disposal site. The water recovered can simply be returned to the water treatment system for processing.

Storms and other calamities can cause big problems for lift stations. Flo Trend makes those problems smaller and easier to manage. For a free consultation on how our dewatering solutions can keep your lift station running smoothly and cost-efficiently, contact our wastewater experts today at 1.800.762.9893.