Among municipal water treatment plant operators, there’s a new, undisputed Public Enemy No. 1: wet wipes. All over the country, “flushable” wipes, diapers, and other products sent down the toilet are causing huge headaches for municipalities. Flushables clog lift stations, jam pumps, and even cause sewer pipes to overflow—and the problem is only getting worse.

Flushable wipes have one weakness, however—and its name is the Debris Mate®. Flo Trend’s patented Debris Mate container filter is the world’s first to feature a swinging bar screen that prevents clogs and jams caused by rags, wipes, and other large debris. It’s a high-volume, low-maintenance, and transportable solution for the flushable wipes and other products that find their way to the headworks from septic vacuum trucks, lift stations, storm drain wastewater, and other sources.

Can a simple piece of equipment with no motorized parts really solve this problem? You bet! The Debris Mate can process 100,000 gallons of wastewater without a single wipe slipping through. Not one! Best of all, thanks to the swinging bar screen, all of the captured wipes, rags, and other flushables that the Debris Mate strains from your waste stream remain behind in the container filter for easy dumping. No other container filter on the market can make the same claim.

Like all of Flo Trend’s industry-leading container filters, the Debris Mate is built to last for decades of regular use with almost no maintenance or repairs. It’s the ultimate tool for filtering large amounts of flushable debris from wastewater before adding it to the headworks of municipal water plants or industrial waste streams. This extraordinary piece of equipment can be built to suit virtually any project—and any budget. Flo Trend even offers in-house financing to fit your timeline.

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