Limitations on disposal capabilities are keeping the leaders of waste service companies up at night across the U.S., from rural to urban areas. Regulations are making things difficult: Some service companies who pump in a three- or four-county area, but come up against rules that say they can’t dump waste from county X in county Y, even though county X won’t accept septic or grease trap waste. More and more municipalities are initiating health codes that require restaurants to be pumped out every one to three months; unfortunately, those same cities won’t accept the waste. In some cases, a wastewater treatment plant will only accept 5,000 gallons per day. When their quota has been met for the day, they stop accepting waste from pumpers. Then service companies are put in a bind when they can’t do any more jobs because their vacuum truck has a full tank.

At Flo Trend, we pride ourselves on being a vacuum truck’s best friend. Our cost-effective, long-lasting dewatering systems can reduce the costs associated with wastewater disposal dramatically. We know that landfills don’t want to handle free liquid and charge high dumping fees for waste that is mostly water. So, we design and build customized solutions for businesses that eliminate virtually all of the water that service companies must transport and dump. In many cases, our mobile dewatering equipment allows service companies to build their own dewatering site and then allow other area pumpers to dump for a fee. In many cases, our dewatering systems pay for themselves in a matter of months.

We customize every dewatering system according to each customer’s business and how they want to approach the dewatering process. Some haulers need to process 5,000 gallons of sludge or wastewater every 1–2 weeks and require a smaller, more affordable unit. Some of our service-company customers are currently hauling 40,000 gallons a day and need a much larger unit. The cost of our equipment can be as little as $35,000, depending on the processing requirements. Often, our customers will buy one unit and then add more as their business grows.

Our popular Sludge Mate® dewatering box uses gravity or a pump to remove waste solids from wastewater on site and then drains quickly, collecting only the solids in your waste and extracting and allowing the water to drain into any water treatment system. It’s no longer necessary for even smaller service companies to haul and dump thousands of gallons of waste that is as much as 93 percent water. If you’re ready to start hauling and dumping solids only, we offer dewatering systems to suit any need and provide in-house financing to ensure that every organization that needs our products has access to them. For a free consultation on your needs, contact the dewatering experts today at 1.800.762.9893.