Which Sludge Mate is Right for Your Project?


Flo Trend’s Sludge Mate Container Filters are the right tool for almost any dewatering project. How do we know? Because we’ve engineered the options our customers need to complete any dewatering application. Each Sludge Mate is perfect for filtering aerated waste, organic waste, emulsified waste, and digested waste common to most industrial wastewater processes and municipal wastewater treatment plants. But not every process or plant is built the same. That’s why our Sludge Mates aren’t all built the same, either.


Each Sludge Mate is a closed system that features total odor control, weather independency, zero spillage, and low maintenance requirements to dewater on site and transport filtered materials straight to the landfill for easy dumping. Flo Trend has designed three different Sludge Mates to suit any need. Our Trailer Mounted Sludge Mate are the ultimate in transportability. The Sludge Mate can also be mounted on a tipping stand for quick, easy dumping. Standard, hydraulically operated units are perfet for repeat jobs.


On some models of the Sludge Mate, adding a vacuum pump can accelerate the drainage rate and further dry the solids. Contact Flo Trend today to learn more about how the Sludge Mate Container Filter can be optimized for your project.