Since Flo Trend announced that we would begin providing professional wastewater lagoon cleaning a few months back, we’ve heard the same question more than once: What’s the difference between a wastewater pond and a lagoon?

The answer is a simple one: There’s no difference at all. Some people call these filtering basins lagoons, and some call them ponds. Whatever name you prefer, Flo Trend’s skilled wastewater technicians have the skills and expertise to quickly and affordably return your wastewater basin to peak operating capacity.

Here’s how: Our technicians arrive on site anywhere that you need us. We’ll be bringing specialized equipment that rapidly stirs, pressurizes, and fires an 18-foot blast of wastewater. This pressurized stream facilitates a current in the lagoon and again suspends the solids settled on the bottom, making it possible to pump them out. These solids are deposited in a holding tank. Sludge is then pumped from the holding tank, combined with a custom polymer, and is dewatered using our equipment. These solids are then hauled to the dump and disposed of as solid waste.

Part of the appeal of wastewater lagoons is that they are generally very low-maintenance. But after 20 years or more of use—or fewer years of heavy dumping—wastewater lagoons must be cleaned and refurbished to continue functioning properly.

Our experienced team of wastewater specialists can clean wastewater ponds and lagoons of any size, anywhere in the United States. If your wastewater lagoon needs maintenance, we can return it to peak condition in no time. Simply give us a call today at 1-800-762-9893 for a free consultation.