What Makes the Debris Mate Container Filter Better Than the Rest 


Sick of equipment jams slowing down your wastewater projects? We know you are—that’s why Flo Trend created the revolutionary Debris Mate. The Debris Mate® Container Filter is the first container filter designed with a swinging bar screen that prevents clogs or jams caused by rags, wipes, or other large debris. It’s practically uncloggable!


The Debris Mate can handle 100,000 gallons of wastewater without a single wipe slipping through. It’s the perfect tool for filtering large amounts of inorganics from vacuum truck, storm drain, and lift station wastewater before adding it to the head works of the municipal wastewater plant or industrial waste stream. Flo Trend produces five different model sizes to suit various needs, from 20 cubic yards to 40 cubic yards. Every Debris Mate is custom-made.


Don’t let rocks, stones, rags, wipes, grit, or sand slow down your wastewater project ever again. Call Flo Trend today to find out more about how the Debris Mate saves time and money.