The Sludge Mate™ is the product that made Flo Trend a leader in cost-efficient dewatering technology more than 30 years ago. Also known as a dewatering box, the Sludge Mate™ is an economical, one-step product customized to separate water and sludge from almost any solids. As a result, Flo Trend is able to build Sludge Mate™ container filters to suit the waste dewatering needs of many different industries around the world, from municipal water treatment to industrial filtration and much more.


  • Pretreatment of wastewater to remove solids prior to discharge in municipal sewers and water treatment facilities
  • Dewatering sludge and solids prior to disposal of solids in a landfill
  • Removing suspended solids to lower total suspended solids (TSS)
  • Recovering water or solids from wastewater


The Sludge Mate™ is simple to use and easy to maintain. The container filter has no moving parts. Wastewater or sludge is simply pumped in to the top of the container, where separated wastewater drain by gravity through the removable filter media. After draining through the filter media, the separated water will discharge from the container through ports the box located near the bottom. A pump can be used to pull a vacuum on the box to aid in dewatering.

Every Sludge Mate™ is custom-built to suit the needs of our customers. No matter how tough your dewatering job, our experienced engineers can produce a portable container filter to suit your jobsite, timeline, and budget.

Discover how by contacting us today for a free consultation on your needs. Our wastewater experts work with waste professionals around the world to produce efficient, affordable solutions to dewatering challenges.