The swinging bar screen is the innovation that makes Flo Trend’s Debris Mate container filter the most efficient piece of equipment of its kind. Most wastewater filtering solutions are plagued by costly, time-consuming jams, clogs, and stoppages. The Debris Mate is our successful effort to change all that. Thanks to the swinging bar screen, clogs and jams could be a thing of the paste for your business or organization.

As Flo Trend demonstrated at WEFTEC 2016, the Debris Mate can process 100,000 gallons of wastewater without a single wipe slipping through. Can your current dewatering solutions say the same? We’re confident we’ve created the perfect tool for filtering large amounts of inorganics from vacuum-truck, storm-drain, and lift-station wastewater before adding it to the head works of the municipal wastewater plant or industrial waste stream.

Because our customers have varying needs, we designed the Debris Mate to be flexible. Flo Trend produces five different model sizes to suit various projects, from 20 cubic yards to 40 cubic yards. Every Debris Mate is custom-made.
Are you tired of rocks, stones, rags, wipes, grit, or sand slow down your wastewater project? Or can you simply not afford to waste time and money on them anymore? We can help! Call Flo Trend today at 1-800-762-9893 to find out more about how the Debris Mate is revolutionizing the ways wastewater can be treated.

Don’t forget that Flo Trend offers a financing program for the Debris Mate and other products and services! We make payment simple and our equipment more affordable by offering fixed monthly payment programs. Our LRP (lease, rental, purchase) financing plan eliminates the need for large, up-front costs when purchasing. Contact us today to get started!