If your organization deals with the transportation and disposal of wastewater or hazardous waste, you’ve likely heard of the paint filter test. The Paint Filter Liquids Test (Method 9095B in SW–846) applies to grit-trap waste, grease-trap waste, domestic septage, and other common waste streams. Often, it’s a prime determining factor in whether or not your waste will be accepted by a landfill. Here’s how it works:

A “representative sample” of your waste is placed in a paint filter. If any portion of that sample passes through and drops from the filter in a five-minute period, then the material is deemed to contain free liquids. For many landfills, this test determines if your waste is accepted or not. No sophisticated lab equipment is required, the paint filter itself is just a standard, conical paint filter in fine-mesh size available at many local paint stores, such as Sherwin-Williams or Glidden.

Though simple, the paint filter test is critical. The presence of free liquids indicated by the paint filter test may affect whether or not your waste can go to landfill for disposal, or even cause you to rack up large fines in some cases. Fortunately, Flo Trend can provide fast, cost-effective solutions to assist you in maintaining your compliance with all waste-stream regulations.

Our patented, industry-leading Sludge Mate® container filter makes dewatering waste streams easy, reliable, and cost-efficient. First, your sludge is pumped into the Sludge Mate®, where it flocculates (separates from the water). The free water runs through the replaceable filter media and out of the drains at the bottom of the Sludge Mate®. This water can immediately be returned to the head of a treatment plant, now with a reduced BOD and COD—essentially a reduced load of bacteria (Biochemical Oxygen Demand, Chemical Oxygen Demand). The process is repeated until the Sludge Mate® is full or ready to dump.

Next, the sludge settles in the container filter for 32–48 hours for maximum solidity of sludge cake to meet or exceed a paint filter test at any landfill. The Sludge Mate® is then loaded onto a roll-off truck for easy dumping.

If your organization needs your waste to meet or exceed a paint filter test at a landfill near you, contact the experts today. Call Flo Trend at 1.800.762.9893 to speak with our team of wastewater experts and receive a free consultation on your unique waste-stream challenges.