One of the most common questions that we receive from customers here at Flo Trend is a simple one: What is a container filter? Typically, people are aware that container filters are equipment used for dewatering applications, but it’s not widely understood exactly what they are or how they work. Let’s shed some light on those facts.


Flo Trend container filters, such as the Sludge Mate and Grease Mate, are so named because they are custom fabricated out of shipping containers. This makes shipping our dewatering container filters anywhere in North America very easy and convenient for our customers. While our container filters are highly portable, however, they’re also very powerful. Based on sludge containing 1–1.5 percent solids, our container filters can process 1,000 gallons per cubic yard. For example, a 15-cubic-yard container filter can be used to process 15,000 gallons of sludge containing 1–1.5 percent solids.


Flo Trend’s container filters provide an economical, one-step solution for separating and dewatering sludge, slurries, and waste streams. Our efficient designs comprise three components: the container, porous support panels, and filter media. The space between the support panels, container walls, and container floor provides the drainage field for liquid. Outlets, or holes, in the bottom and side walls of the container allow gravity or a pump to drain liquid through the filter media, leaving behind the dewatered sludge for easy disposal.


Need a container filter that’s larger or smaller than 15 cubic yards? Or a container filter customized to fit a specific job footprint? No problem! Flo Trend custom builds all equipment to match your supplied requirements. After we receive a purchase order, we will prepare a drawing that will be sent to you for approval. We don’t begin building until you’ve signed off on our plans.


Flo Trend offers many different styles of container filters, including roll-off, self-dumping hopper, front-loader, rear/side-loader, trailer-mounted, tipping-stand-mounted, and more. If you have any questions about our patented container filters’ design, construction, use, or pricing, please don’t hesitate to call our team of water treatment experts today at 713-699-0152!