Properly hauling and disposal of grease adds up quickly to a major expense for many businesses, especially those in the restaurant, catering, and kitchen industries. Discharging grease into the public sewer system is not an option, so many of these businesses turn to vacuum trucks to remove and haul off the grease from their grease traps. Often, it’s a costly solution. With a little help from Flo Trend, however, your business could cut its grease hauling costs in half.

Our wastewater experts have engineered simple, reliable equipment to help business owners recover more grease, strain it, and dewater it in order to dramatically reduce the weight of the grease they’re paying to have hauled off. Our Flip-Flop Oil Skimmer is the first step. This simple, stainless-steel device is perfect for surface skimming or below-surface floating suction. Whether you’re cleaning up an oil spill or recovering grease from water, the Skimmer’s strainer can be adjusted to any draft or level, allowing it to recover even the thinnest slicks of oil or grease. Its innovative design enables maximum recovery of waste products without water entering your recovery system.

Next, it’s time to dewater that grease before it’s loaded on the vacuum truck. That’s where the Flo Trend Grease Mate comes in handy. A variation on our popular Sludge Mate dewatering box, the Grease Mate uses gravity or a pump to remove waste solids from grease trap waste on site and then drains quickly, collecting only the solids in your waste and extracting and purifying the recovered plant- and animal-based oils for recycling.



By filtering the wastewater prior to discharge, the Grease Mate dramatically lessens the load that vacuum trucks must haul and dispose of. Within 48 hours of treatment, your sludge will meet or exceed landfill paint-filter tests.

When it’s time to dump that load, the Flo Trend Large Debris Strainer is a vacuum truck’s best friend. This rugged, reliable piece of equipment can be used to strain out large debris during the offloading of vacuum trucks across many different industries. Each unit boasts 2,380 square inches of strainer-basket area and 82 gallons of storage volume above the strainer basket. The vessel itself is designed to hold up to 30 psi of pressure with zero leaks.

With our custom-designed solutions, Flo Trend can help dramatically reduce costs at every step of the grease hauling routine. For more information about how we can help cut your grease hauling costs in half, contact the grease dewatering experts today at 1.800.762.9893.