Flo Trend’s wastewater products and services are cost-competitive with any mixing or dewatering solution in the industry. However, we understand that for many organizations, they still represent a significant investment. For this reason, much of our clientele likes to try before they buy, and Flo Trend makes it as easy as possible to test-drive our equipment and other offerings before you commit a single dollar of your budget.

The best way to get an up-close and personal view of how our equipment works is to call us up and schedule a demonstration. Many regions of the United States, as well as other nations around the globe, include sites where Flo Trend equipment is already in use. Wherever possible, we will contact our customers nearest you to set up a visit so that we can show you how our equipment is used in an application similar to yours. A Flo Trend technician will walk you through every step of the solution.

Sometimes watching Flo Trend equipment in use near you is not possible or desirable, however. Fortunately, we can provide on-site demos wherever they are needed—all across the United States and internationally, as well. Once your demonstration is scheduled, a Flo Trend technician will arrive at your (or your customer’s) project site and demonstrate the exact processes and results you can expect using durable, dependable Flo Trend products.

Most-site demos last two days to show the best results. Typically, this involves Flo Trend transporting a trailer-mounted container filter or another piece of wastewater equipment to you and process around 3,000 gallons of 1%–1.5% solids sludge that you provide. For dewatering demonstrations, Flo Trend always requests that those requesting an on-site demonstration mail us a five-gallon sample of their sludge beforehand. Our technicians will test the sample to determine which type of dewatering polymer is most suitable for your applications to ensure the best efficiency possible.

Before scheduling the on-site demo, please ensure you have a place available on-site to dump the dewatered sludge or make other arrangements to have it hauled away. At this time, Flo Trend is not permitted to haul sludge off site.

Most Flo Trend clients who request an on-site demonstration are impressed enough to move forward with a purchase. We make it easy on our clients by offering financing options to fit any budget. For an additional fee, Flo Trend can also provide a trained technician for two eight-hour days of startup assistance.

If you’re ready to schedule an on-site demonstration of our equipment, contact us today at 1.800.762.9893. Our wastewater experts are standing by to help devise a long-lasting, cost-efficient solution to your unique challenges with a quick turnaround time.