Gravity is the secret behind some of Flo Trend’s most popular wastewater solutions, including our popular Sludge Mate line of dewatering boxes. Some jobs, however, require a little something more—especially in the oil and gas industry. For recovering liquids and solids fractions, solids separation, and more, Flo Trend has designed the Power Pak Filter Press suite of options for industrial jobs across many different industries.

Power Pak Filter Press Top Features:

  • Effective pressure filtration
  • Easy to use in the field
  • Highly customizable
  • Accessory suite available

The efficiency of the Power Pak starts with construction. Our filter presses are made from the highest-quality carbon steel and the entire frame is sandblasted, primed, and coated with epoxy paint. Inlet and outlet manifolds are either stainless steel or PVC, depending on your needs. Cleaning and maintenance are a breeze.

The keys to the Power Pak’s functionality are its filter plates. The press’ recessed filter plates are constructed out of molded, homogenous polypropylene, making them chemical-resistant. They’re engineered to produce maximum drainage of your liquids, allowing a minimum of resistance to flow without blocking or distorting filter media. As an optional feature, Flo Trend can also include an automatic plate shifter to make cake discharge even easier.

For oil-field completion jobs, Flo Trend recommends that our clientele pair the Power Pak Filter Press with our Slurry Tank and Cartridge Filter Vessel, which function together as a stackable filtration system for both onshore and offshore applications. It’s the most compact, reliable pressure filtration solution that you’re likely to find.

Flo Trend can build to suit any job. Our expert technicians are standing by now to customize a separation and filtration solution specifically for your unique challenges. Give us a call today at 1.800.762.9893.