In the oil and gas sector, separating water from oil is a never-ending task, even more so at oil production facilities. With Flo Trend’s customizable and efficient oil/water separation equipment, your facility can choose the best gravity separation solution for your needs. With most solutions, inclined and horizontal coalescing plates are required to separate free oil from water, with a second stage needed for finer liquid-from-liquid separation. Flo Trend’s TPL Phase 3 Coalescing Type Oil Water Separator is an innovation that it changing that.


Flo Trend’s engineers created a unique module designed to produce two- and three-phase separations, within a single piece of equipment. This compact equipment eliminates the need for a second stage of oil separation in order to save you time.


The TPL Phase 3 Coalescing Media Pack’s design offers a non-clogging flow with no-hassle, dispersed phase distribution and coalescing of oil, especially at lower liquid velocities. It contains structured polypropylene tubes as the coalescing media, unitized in removable baskets within the device.


The tubes feature a large oleophilic surface area, which attracts small oil droplets that coalesce to form larger droplets. According to Stoke’s Law, these larger oil droplets rise exponentially faster to the surface, providing a rapid increase in phase separation. Closely packed coalescing tubes are available for installation downstream of the tube packs in the separator for removing smaller oil droplets whenever an application might require it.


A few of the TPL Phase 3 Coalescing Type Oil Water Separator include high efficiency separation, a lack of moving parts for minimal maintenance, easy cleaning, and a large solids settling area. Pre-treatment is not required for use. This is a simple, efficient solution for oil/water separation in chemical processing, oil production, petrochemical plants, power plants, and many other industries. Most importantly, each TPL Phase 3 Coalescing Type Oil Water Separator is custom-built to suit the specific needs of each project.

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