Due to legislation, potential liability issues and the need to find new real estate at power plants for expansion, many utilities must replace their traditional coal ash ponds. The only problem is, the fly ash from coal must still be disposed of properly. Many power plants and municipalities across the U.S. are struggling to arrive at a new solution that is simple, effective, and affordable. The answer is the Sludge Mate™.

The Sludge Mate™ is an industry-leading container filter that can be built to suit virtually any project. It’s rugged, portable, and lasts for decades with virtually no maintenance or repairs. The removable filter media inside the container can dewater hundreds of thousands of gallons of sludge, leaving behind only solid waste ready to pass a paint-filter test for easy dumping. Best of all, Flo Trend’s expert technicians can train your personnel to operate the Sludge Mate™ safely and efficiently.

All operators have to do is filter fly ash waste from ponds through the container. The sludge goes in the top; gravity draws the water through the removable filter media and out the ports at the container’s bottom. Lime sludges tend to dewater well and produce relatively dry cakes for easy dumping. The water can be returned to the pond or captured for transport or reuse.

Safe and effective management of coal-combustible residuals is imperative—not only for EPA compliance, but to maintain the integrity of your excavations and to stay on schedule and within budget. These are the jobs that the Sludge Mate™ was designed for. It’s the world’s most cost-efficient, portable solution to the problem of treating coal ash pond water. The container filter’s discharge meets the stringent requirements of local, state, and federal permit requirements.

If you’re ready for a simple, cost-effective, and low-maintenance solution to your fly ash problem, contact Flo Trend today. Our team of Flo Trend wastewater treatment experts is standing by to help customize a dewatering solution that fits your needs, timeline, and budget.