As a leader in professional wastewater lagoon cleaning, Flo Trend has become the go-to source for anyone looking to properly maintain and clean their wastewater lagoon or pond. One of the questions we receive most often concerns the difference between wastewater ponds and lagoons.


What is the difference between a wastewater pond and a wastewater lagoon?

This is simple—there isn’t a difference. Many professionals call the filtering basins lagoons and others call them ponds. So whether you call your filtering basic a lagoon or a pond the same maintenance and cleaning solutions are required to keep them running at peak efficiency. Flo Trend’s experienced wastewater specialists have the skills and equipment to quickly and affordably return your wastewater basin to its optimal operating capacity.


How does Flo Trend clean a wastewater basin?

Our technicians arrive on site anywhere you need us in the U.S. Flo Trend brings specialized equipment on-site that begins cleaning your lagoon or pond by rapidly stirring, pressurizing, and firing an 18-foot blast of wastewater. The pressurized stream facilitates a current in the lagoon and again suspends the solids settled at the bottom, in order for our specialized equipment to pump them out.


The solids are then deposited into a holding tank, and sludge is pumped out of the holding tank, combined with a custom polymer, and is dewatered used our dewatering equipment. These solids are then hauled to a nearby dump and disposed of as solid waste.


Wastewater lagoons are an appealing option for waste as they are generally very low-maintenance, but after 20 years or more of use, or fewer years of heavier dumping, these basins must be cleaned and refurbished to continue functioning properly.


At Flo Trend, our experienced team of wastewater specialists can clean wastewater filtering basins of any size, anywhere in the U.S. If your wastewater lagoon requires maintenance, call us today to learn more about returning it to peak efficiency. Give us a call at 1-800-762-9893 for a free consultation.