A little sludge is a problem. Tens of thousands of gallons of sludge, slurries, and waste streams are a BIG problem. From municipalities to grease-trap waste haulers to industrial water treatment facilities and beyond, dewatering is a tough and dirty job. Fortunately, Flo Trend can help.


For more than three decades, Flo Trend has been a leader in filtration, liquids/solids separation, oil/water separation, and mixing. We’ve developed a broad and versatile line of custom-built dewatering equipment, supplies, and products that has proven invaluable to an extensive customer base across many different industries and verticals. Our patented container filters and polymer injection systems can quickly and efficiently dewater all manner of wastewater sludge on site, allowing the filtered solids to be easily transported to an approved disposal site.


After more than 30 years, there are few dewatering challenges that Flo Trend has not conquered. Digested sludge, alum sludge, grease-trap waste, and septic-tank waste are no match for our affordable dewatering equipment built to suit and site or project. Not convinced? That’s okay. Flo Trend offers on-site demos of our dewatering equipment all over North America to demonstrate first-hand how effective our products can be. We will even customize the polymer that we use to a sample of your sludge in order to demonstrate the exact processes and results that our dewatering customers can expect.


Best of all, Flo Trend works hard to ensure that our dewatering equipment is available to all who need it, no matter how difficult the job or how tight the budget. To make our equipment accessible to all, we offer a comprehensive financing program with fixed monthly payments. That’s right—Flo Trend’s lease, rental, and purchase (LRP) plan eliminates the need for large, up-front, lump-sum payments. We offer 100-percent financing on equipment, installation, and servicing, meaning almost anyone can acquire the equipment they need just as fast as we can build it.


Do you need a solution for a tough dewatering job? We look forward to the challenge! Contact us today and Flo Trend’s expert team of water treatment specialists will offer a free consultation on the best solution to your dewatering challenges. Whether you need dewatering equipment, dewatering services, or dewatering chemicals and supplies, Flo Trend has you covered.