Slurry walls—they’re necessary for many projects, but creating them effectively and efficiently can be a hassle. Flo Trend’s Jet Shear II has changed that. Now, making mixing dry materials with liquids is a breeze.

How does it work?

Dry Material is introduced into the hopper, where it is drawn down into Flo Trend’s eductor. From there, it is transported to the Jet Shear, where it is mixed and thoroughly blended into a homogenous solution. The Jet Shear is designed to be used with supersacks. The hopper has water nozzles installed on each side of the four walls to help facilitate the movement of dry material into the throat of the eductor.

The Jet Shear is customizable, but Flo Trend has readily available models to fit a variety of projects, including those that are compatible with our one-yard hopper:

  • Model 800 HE I 30-250 gpm
  • Model 1000 HE I 400-SOO gpm
  • Model 1200 HE I 600-1000 gpm

What can the Jet Shear do?

Flo Trend’s slurry wall creator rapidly and thoroughly mixes dry chemicals such as alum, ferric, polymer, and others with liquids. It utilizes pressure and a venturi educator to create suction that feeds the chemical in from the hopper. Double elliptical nozzles create rotating high- and low-pressure zones blending the dry chemical as it falls through the mixing chamber.

Used in processes including:

  • Drilling mud
  • Oilfield sludge
  • Chemical refineries
  • Oil production facilities
  • Petrochemical plants
  • Plastics plants
  • Power plants
  • Processing plants
  • Steel mills
  • Utilities
  • Vehicle washes
  • Water treatment plants

Are you interested in solving your slurry wall complications? The Jet Shear II may be your solution. Email Flo Trend at sales@flotrend.com or call 713-699-0152 to learn more and request a complimentary demo.