Keeping oils, grease, and other insoluble liquids out of the water supply requires constant vigilance. To make it as easy and cost-efficient as possible, Flo Trend created the Flip-Flop Oil Skimmer. This durable, all-steel piece of equipment is built to take the hassle out of eliminating oil slicks and other insoluble liquids from your wastewater reservoir.

Flip-Flop Oil Skimmer Specs
• Stainless steel construction
• Strainers and floats can be arranged in multiples to cover wide areas of contamination
• More versatile and cost-efficient than sorbents, rags, and other oleophilic material
• Does not require specialized vacuum equipment

The way the Flip-Flop Oil Skimmer works is fairly simple. The floating system has a strainer that can be adjusted to any daft or level, allowing it to recover even the thinnest slicks of oil or grease. It can connect to almost any pump and does not require an elaborate vacuum system to be effective. The oil skimmer’s innovative design enables maximum recovery of waste products without water ever entering into the system. That means you can set it and forget it!

The Flip-Flop Oil Skimmer is completely portable and easy to use. We recommend it for many different industries and applications that can produce waste oils:

• Hydroelectric power plants
• Refineries
• Steel mills
• Machining
• Automotive businesses
• Groundwater remediation

Flo Trend’s skimmers are efficient and durable and easy to deploy for reclaiming crude, refined, animal, or vegetable oils from surface waters anywhere in the world. We can custom-engineer a Flip-Flop Oil Skimmer for your needs that will be optimized for your specific recovery rates, oil viscosity, and environmental conditions. For a free consultation on our oil skimmers or to schedule an on-site demonstration, please contact the wastewater experts at Flo Trend today by calling 1.800.762.9893.