The Sludge Mate is a container filter used along with polymer to dewater various types of waste. Polymer is mixed in with the waste before it is processed through the Sludge Mate. The filters within the Sludge Mate retain the solids and allow the water to pass through and out of the drainage ports. This discharge of clear liquid is not treated water, and must be disposed of properly. Once the sludge has been dewatered for 12 to 24 hours and has passed the paint filter test, it will then be ready for disposal.

Roll-Off Sludge Mates are designed to be handled by a roll-off hoist truck. They are of rectangular design and have a filter panel on each wall and one in the center extending the length of the container. Each Roll-Off unit can be equipped with a sliding lid, a tarp, a closed roof with hatchways, or an open top. All units are offered with or without the Poly-Mate Polymer Mixing and Injection System.