The Roll-Off Container Filter is engineered to dewater various types of wastes. The design of the Container Filter includes three components: the container, porous support plates, and a filter media. The space between the support plates, the container walls, and the floor is the drainage field for the liquid. Outlets on the bottom and sidewalls allow for gravity drainage or pump suction of liquid from the Container Filter. Once the waste has had ample time to dewater, it will be ready for disposal.

Roll-Off units have a round bottom with 3-inch drainage ports, gasketed watertight doors, ¼-inch floor, and 3/16-inch sidewalls. These units are sand blasted with a commercial-blast, coated with a two-part epoxy primer, and painted with a two part epoxy top coat. Each unit can be equipped with a closed roof, a tarp, or and open top. As an option, a center panel can be added to increase the drainage surface area. Roll-Off Container Filters are available in 20, 25, 30, and 40 cubic yard capacities.