Runoff and water costs can drown a project’s budget. The larger the project, the harder it is to keep your head above water. This is one of the problems Flo Trend set out to fix this year as the leader in filtration, liquid/solids separation, oil/water separation, and mixing for more than 30 years. We’re debuting a new, patented piece of equipment as the solution for your water reuse and runoff needs.

Project managers can wring out extra profits with Flo Trend’s new, proprietary Wastewater Recycling Unit, or what we like to call the WRU. The WRU saves our clients money by recycling water from large projects, rather than increasing new water costs and runoff costs.

The first project where we implemented the WRU was for a large auto-auction carwash, where nearly a thousand vehicles are processed each day. Not only did the WRU reduce runoff, the carwash was able to cut down on overall water costs by recycling the water it used throughout the day.

Since completing this project, Flo Trend has expanded the WRU to be applicable to barge cleaning, upstream projects, and any large industrial project where water runoff costs eat up a budget. The WRU can be used for short-term projects or installed permanently for long-term use.

We’re excited about where the WRU is headed next. Is this something you would be interested in learning more about? Contact us today at sales@flotrend.com or 1.800.762.9893 to learn more about the customizable Wastewater Recycling Unit.

Financing Questions? We Have Answers.
We believe in making equipment and financing simple and accessible. We offer a comprehensive, fixed, monthly payment program. Flo Trend also offers a Lease, Rental, Purchase financing plan that eliminates large, upfront cash payments.