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and this reduction will continue for the life of the Sludge-Mate dewatering container.

 – Randy Corbin, Director of Utilities
   South Lake Utilities Municipal District
   Clermont, Florida.

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Randy’s 3 Steps to Greater Savings

I’ve fought the battle against high costs of liquid hauling and digested waste sludge for years. Liquid hauling directly from my digester seemed to be the only choice with land application no longer available in my area. The liquid hauling to maintain wasting program at his plant required a large percent of my annual budget for the facility.
I was introduced to Flo Trends System’s Sludge-Mate dewatering
containers by Patrick Anthony of Patrick Anthony Technologies.
Using the Sludge-Mate dewatering container I was able to reduce the
volume/weight of the waste being hauled by 85 to 90%. 
This reduction allowed me to see an annual savings of $80,000.00 in
my hauling costs every year for the past 4 years.