If you work in the construction, automotive, or aviation industry, spilled and leaking oil is a fact of life. Another important fact of life, however, are wastewater permitting requirements. Nobody wants oil in their drinking water. That’s what makes Flo Trend’s portable oil/water separator equipment so valuable.

Just as its name implies, the Flo Trend Oil/Water Separator separates oil from the wastewater heading into the municipal system. It’s designed for optimum efficiency in gravity separation between two immiscible liquid fractions, such as —you guessed it!—water and oil. Traditionally, inclined and horizontal coalescing plates were used to separate free oil from water, with a second stage necessary for finer liquid/liquid separation. We’ve changed all that.

We’ve engineered a unique module that produces two- and three-phase separations within a compact design that eliminates the need for a second stage of oil separation. If you’d like to know exactly how, call us at 1.800.762.9893, because we’re going to need to get more technical that we’d like to in a website blog post. Suffice to say, we’re very proud of this equipment!

Flo Trend’s Phase 3 Oil/Water Separator is fully customizable to suit your needs with Gallons Per Minute (GPM) flow rates achievable from 5 GPM to more than 1,000 GPM. An optional surge tank can be provided to reduce turbulent flow coming to the separator due to the type of pump being used to feed it. Winterization options, level controls, integrated auxiliary oil collection tanks and pumps, sludge pump-out systems, and alarms are all available. Every oil/water separator we build is fully customized to your needs.

Could our container-style Oil Water Separator be the solution to your oil problem? Don’t hesitate to contact us! No matter your dewatering challenge, Flo Trend has the solution. Click here to contact one of our dewatering experts for a free consultation!