One of the most common filtration problems in the oil and gas industry is product recovery, whether it be solids or liquid fractions that must be recovered for proper disposal. Flo Trend has engineered a simple, effective, and portable solution to this oilfield issue. We call it the Power Pak Filter Press.

The Power Pak provides optimum filtration for product recovery, sludge dewatering, and product filtration by separating solids from liquids using the power of pressure filtration. Unfiltered sludge is pumped into the Power Pak through a center feed into fixed vertical plates surrounded by filter media. As the sludge fluid passes through this filter media, a cake of solids is trapped by that media in the chambers between the plates. Then the filtered liquid flows through the drain field ports and out the corner outlet eyes of the plates for easy recovery.

During the filtration cycle, the fixed, vertical plates are held together under hydraulic pressure. Once the filter cycle is complete, however, that pressure is released and the plates are separated, making the collected solids simple to remove and collect. Once the solids cake is discharged and the plates are cleaned, the Power Pak is ready for a new filtration cycle to begin.

The Power Pak is available in several standard size options mounted on skids for ease of transportation. Customers can choose between removable and non-removable solids cake pan. The hydraulic controls are mounted on a removable plate for easy repair and maintenance, should the need arise.

The Power Pak Filter Press is a relatively simple and affordable piece of oil and gas filtration equipment that’s ideal for use in the field. Best of all, each Power Pak is custom-built to suit your specific project needs! Flo Trend offers customization options for almost any filtration or dewatering application within the oil and gas industry or without. The Power Pak is also a great choice for pressure filtration in the industrial, environmental, utility, pharmaceutical, and food industries, as well.

Do you have questions about how the Power Pak Filter Press might solve your filtration challenges? Call Flo Trend today at 1-800-762-9893 to speak to one of our seasoned filtration experts about how we can engineer a customized solution for your next project!