Separating large quantities of oil from water has always posed a unique challenge for municipalities, O&G businesses, and environmental cleanup crews. Traditionally, inclined and horizontal, coalescing plates have been used to separate free oil from water, with a second stage needed for finer liquid/liquid separation. Flo Trend is changing that.

Meet Flo Trend’s Oil Water Separator. This unique module has been engineered to produce two- and three-phase separations within a single, compact design that eliminates the need for a second stage of oil separation.

The TPL Phase 3 Coalescing Media Pack provides structured, polypropylene tubes as the coalescing media unitized in removable baskets within the Oil Water Separator. The design of the Separator provides uniform, clog-proof flow with excellent, dispersed phase distribution and coalescing of oil, especially at lower liquid velocities.

The coalescing media tubes have a large, oleophilic surface area that attracts small oil droplets, which coalesce to form larger oil droplets. These larger droplets rise exponentially faster to the surface, providing a rapid increase in phase separation. Close pack coalescing cubes are available for installation downstream of the tube packs in the Separator for removing smaller oil droplets where the application requires.

Oil Water Separator features:

• No pre-treatment
• High-efficiency separation
• Large surface-area coalescing media
• No moving parts on standard units
• Easy cleaning
• Minimal maintenance
• All-steel vessel construction
• Large solids-settling area

The Oil Water Separator from Flo Trend is ideal for many different applications in industries from aviation to chemical processing to plastics production to power plants and more. If you think the Oil Water Separator might be right for your next project, call Flo Trend today at 1-800-762-9893 to discuss how we can help.