Roll-Off Sludge Mate Standard Options 

Covers for Sludge Mate

There are a large variety of roof options available for the Sludge Mates from which to choose.

Choices Include:

·      Open top

·      Peaked roof with hatches

·      Side to side rolling tarp cover

·      Side to side sliding aluminum lid

·      Over/Under sliding lid

Filter Media

Standard filter media for the Sludge Mate is a 2000 Filter Media. Filter media is supplied as either reusable or disposable material. Reusable filter media is available in stainless steel, polypropylene, polyester, nylon, and other plastics.

Three general types of filter media:

·      40/4 Polypropylene

·      50/16 Stainless Steel

·      Poly 2000