Flo Trend’s patented Sludge Mate® container filter is our most popular product, used by businesses and municipalities around the world. The Sludge Mate® has a stellar reputation for reliability, and for good reason—it’s a simple, one-step process for dewatering a variety of sludges and waste streams that lasts for decades with proper use, and it can be customized to suit almost any organization’s dewatering and filtration needs.

Part of the secret to the Sludge Mate’s success is that it has no moving parts. That means it requires minimal labor, needs almost no maintenance, and proves very economical to use by all kinds of businesses and public entities. Best of all, it can be combined with other Flo Trend products to create a mobile, in-house dewatering system that almost anyone can safely and effectively operate.

The process is simple: Sludge is pumped into the Sludge Mate®, to flocculate (separate from the water). The Poly-Mate Polymer Mixing and Injection System conditions incoming sludge. Sludge is then pumped into the unit’s inlet manifold through the Mix-Mate manifold. The Poly-Mate prepares sludge for ease of dewatering and clarity of discharged fluid. The Sludge Mate®  dewaters alum and wastewater treatment-plant sludge, septic tank and grease trap waste, lagoon sludge, slaughterhouse waste, wastewater residual, sump bottoms and industrial waste. The free water runs through the replaceable filter media and out of the drains at the bottom of the container filter to be returned to your local water treatment system. The solids, now able to pass a paint-filter test, remain behind in the Sludge Mate® for easy dumping.

Each Sludge Mate® features a closed-system design that provides total odor control, zero spillage, reduced maintenance, and weather independence. The container has 10-gauge reinforced walls and a seven-gauge carbon steel floor. Some of our many available designs include peaked roofs with gasketed, bolted-down access hatches, drainage ports, inlet manifolds, floor filters, and side-to-side rolling tarps. This rugged design ensures decades of worry-free usage. We customize every Sludge Mate® sold to suit our customer’s specific dewatering needs. We provide sizes and configurations well-suited to any dewatering challenge.

For a free consultation on the right Sludge Mate® for your needs, contact experts at Flo Trend today at 1.800.762.9893.