Flo Trend’s Jet Shear system was developed specifically for slurry wall creation. This patented technology efficiently and effectively mixes dry materials with liquids to make your work easier. Keep reading to learn more about the Jet Shear Hopper.

The Jet Shear
By using the Jet Shear, dry material is introduced into the hopper, where it is drawn down into Flo Trend’s specialized eductor. From there, it is transported to the Jet Shear and is mixed and thoroughly blended into a homogenous solution.

The Hopper
The Jet Shear is designed to be used with supersacks. The Hopper has water nozzles installed on each side of its four walls, which help facilitate the movement of dry material into the throat of the eductor.

The Jet Shear is available in multiple models with the one-yard Hopper, each of which can be customized to suit your project.
• Model 800 HE / 30-250gpm
• Model 1000 HE / 400-500gpm
• Model 1200 HE / 600-1000gpm

To further customize the Jet Shear, you can choose one of the following:
• Shearing system only (bypass of mixing Hopper)
• Mixing Hopper only (bypass of shearing system)
• Mixing Hopper and Shearing System in series

Each system comes with the following features:
• Cyclonic wetting collar to facilitate the addition of dry products
• Polyurethane Jet Shear nozzle plates
• UHMW Jet Hopper nozzle and venture
• Patented double elliptical mixing nozzles

To learn more about the Jet Shear and Hopper, contact us today at 1.800.762.9893 or sales@flotrend.com. Flo Trend’s premier equipment is available for projects of any size and completely customizable. Financing is available for most projects.