The Lugger Model Container Filter is an economical, one-step method in separating and dewatering sludge and slurries. Material can be pumped or conveyed into the container filter for liquid/solid separation.

Lugger models are engineered to fit the customer’s lugger truck and hoist. Their simple design consists of three components: the container, a load support basket, and filter media. Two 2” drainage ports allow for liquid to drain by gravity or by pump suction. Filter supports are removable for cleaning. Luggers are available in 1, 6, 8, 10, 14, and 16 cubic yard units and come in basic, standard, or gravity/vacuum style. Custom-made sizes are available upon request.

Basic luggers only have filter media on the bottom of the container shell.

Standard luggers have filter media on the bottom and back wall of the container shell. This extra surface area accelerates the drainage rate. Options for more than one wall filter are available.

Gravity/vacuum luggers are constructed so that the side and back-wall filters drain into a cavity separated from the bottom filter cavity. This allows for sludge to dewater by gravity through side and back wall filters while a pump is used to pull a vacuum on the bottom filter, thus accelerating the drainage rate in most instances. Comes with an additional set of 2” drainage ports.