Poly-Mate Polymer Mixing and Injection Systems

Polymer mixing and injection can be essential for successful and economical dewatering. Flo Trend’s Poly-Mate Polymer Injection Systems for liquid or dry polymer mixing and injection can be customized for any dewatering project. All Poly-Mate systems incorporate the Mix Mate manifold for blending sludge with polymer.


Poly-Mate models 250 through 2000 are designed to be used with liquid polymer that is manually added to the batch tank. An electric agitator is used for dispersing and blending the neat polymer with water. The dilute solution is then injected into the Mix Mate manifold, producing uniformly flocculated sludge ready to be dewatered.


The Poly Mate 3000 series incorporates components allowing for the automatic blending and injection of liquid polymer, while the 4000 and 5000 series models are designed to handle dry powder polymer.


Not sure which Poly Mate is ideal for your next dewatering project? Call Flo Trend today to learn more about our dewatering and polymer injection solutions.