Plenty of rural communities across the United States do not have access to a large wastewater treatment facility. Many of these communities rely on wastewater ponds or lagoons to treat their wastewater. These basins are very reliable and use sophisticated chemical, biological, and mechanical systems to filter and treat for small towns and municipalities, or even large ranch homes.

While wastewater lagoons aren’t difficult to maintain, they do become dirty and in need of cleaning after years of use. So, how can you tell if your lagoon is in need of a good cleaning?

Basically, wastewater lagoons need to be cleaned when they’re full. Usually, they fill up with sludge, silt, and organic waste materials after years of use or heavy dumping. Natural fillers like grass, leaves, animal waste, and wetlands creatures can hasten the dirtying of a lagoon, and once it’s dirty, it very quickly ceases to function properly.

The most important sign that a wastewater lagoon needs cleaning is when it starts to overflow. The strong odor of waste is another clear indicator that the lagoon is not fulfilling its intended purpose. The presence of heavy algae and cattail growth can be a sign as well, and if toilets begin to flush more slowly than usual, it’s definitely time to clean the lagoon.

Fortunately, Flo Trend can help. Our experienced team of wastewater specialists can clean wastewater ponds and lagoons of any size, anywhere in the United States. Our technicians arrive on site anywhere that you need us.

Here’s how: We’ll bring specialized equipment that rapidly stirs, pressurizes, and fires an 18-foot blast of wastewater. This pressurized stream facilitates a current in the lagoon and again suspends the solids settled on the bottom, making it possible to pump them out. These solids are deposited in a holding tank. Sludge is then pumped from the holding tank, combined with a custom polymer, and is dewatered using our equipment. These solids are then hauled to the dump and disposed of as solid waste.

If your wastewater lagoon needs maintenance, we can return it to peak operation in no time. Simply give us a call today at 1-800-762-9893 for a free consultation.