One of the most important recurring expenses for water treatment applications is dewatering polymer. Flo Trend’s dewatering container filters are designed to work best with our custom-formulated polymer, which thickens up the solids in sludge for better, more efficient dewatering. Typically, a gallon of polymer will treat approximately 6,000–7,500 gallons of sludge. In order to treat a full, 30-cubic-yard Sludge Mate load’s worth of sludge—30,000 gallons—a job will require about four gallons of polymer.


Needless to say, a full year of dewatering can require quite a lot of polymer for many of our customers. That’s why Flo Trend has devised a new, cost-effective system to make purchasing polymer easier and more convenient that ever before.


For the first time ever, Flo Trend customers can now sign up to receive 12 months’ worth of regular polymer refill shipments in any quantity and formulation that they require. To sweeten the deal further, each customer who signs up for polymer auto-refill service will receive a third year of coverage on their two-year Flo Trend equipment warranty. If your Flo Trend equipment has more than a year of warranty left, we’ll add two more years.


Why are we willing to extend our equipment warranty for customers buying a customized polymer auto-renewal package? Because our equipment performs better and more reliably using Flo Trend polymer customized to suit your sludge. Simply send us a five-gallon sample of your sludge, and we will formulate a customized batch of dewatering polymer to suit your needs. Polymer is approximately $35 per gallon. It can cost $140 to treat 30,000 gallons of sludge.


Our 12-month polymer packages eliminate the need for you to reorder polymer each month, minimizing downtime and maintenance costs.


If you’d like to become the latest Flo Trend customer to enroll in our Warranty Extension Program by signing up for auto-refill polymer shipments or if you’d simply like to know more about the program, contact us today for additional details. Our polymer experts are standing by to offer a free consultation!