Surface water runoff from industrial plants, businesses, or municipal infrastructure is often highly contaminated—sometimes with chemicals or other resources that are not only toxic to the environment, but too valuable to waste. Flo Trend makes recovery of chemicals and additives from runoff and other wastewater simple and cost-efficient, saving our customers time, money, and even potential legal liability.

The Flo Trend Water Processing Unit® (WPU) is our fully customizable dewatering solution for the recovery of valuable chemicals and additives from runoff. It’s the industry-leading container filter that uses the power of gravity to filter potentially harmful pollutants from wastewater, and it’s portable and affordable enough for any project.

The WPU allows businesses and municipalities to recover valuable chemicals and additives from runoff and wastewater as well as cut down on the water they use each day. The first project the WRU was successfully implemented was a large auto-auction carwash, where nearly a thousand vehicles are cleaned each day. The WRU allowed the auction to recapture valuable soap and cleaning chemicals from the carwash runoff, allowing them to process more vehicles using less of both. This reduced costs tremendously.

Today, the WPU is customized to suit many different water processing applications, such as runoff from airport runways, industrial plants, barge cleaning facilities, and upstream oil and gas projects. The WPU’s filter media can remove the chemicals used during de-icing, cleaning, and other jobs as well as in towns and cities where asphalt and other surface materials contribute to runoff that is often highly contaminated.

The WPU can help you wring additional profits out of your runoff waste, too. It’s perfect for short-term projects, or it can be installed permanently for long-term use. Whatever your project, the Flo Trend team can customize this innovative piece of equipment for your needs and your budget.

Want to see the Water Processing Unit in action for yourself? No problem! Contact us today to schedule a free, on-site demonstration of the WPU’s capabilities. We’re standing by to help calculate how much this brilliant innovation can save you!