The rising costs associated with hauling away and disposing of liquid waste threatens to put many companies and organizations into debt or out of business. New regulations and requirements are driving businesses and municipalities across the nation to try creative new solutions to handling their waste streams, especially in remote regions such as Hawaii, where coal-ash lagoons are being decommissioned and landfill space comes at a high premium.

Flo Trend patented a liquid waste solution that saves considerable time and money over traditional liquid waste hauling without putting liquid waste haulers out of a job. It’s called the Sludge Mate®, and here’s how it works:

  1. Liquid sludge mixes and bonds with dewatering polymer.
  2. Solids flocculate and settle, clear water drains and recirculates for treatment.
  3. Solid waste gets consolidated and hauled off to landfill for further processing.
  4. You save money by hauling and dumping solid waste only—not wastewater.

The Sludge Mate is an industry-leading dewatering container filter—a portable, affordable solution to expensive liquid hauling. The Sludge Mate is perfect for aerated waste, organic waste, emulsified waste, and digested waste common to many industrial wastewater processes and municipal wastewater treatment plants. Best of all, it’s fully customizable to your needs. It allows our customers to dramatically reduce the weight and volume of waste that must be hauled away, and the solid waste that remains will pass a paint-filter test for easy dumping.

Flo Trend serves customers all over the globe, so whether you’re dealing with fly ash waste in Hawaii or an overflowing lagoon in South Carolina, we can help. For more than 30 years, our team of wastewater specialists has designed, built, and patented innovative dewatering solutions designed to last for decades of regular use. We also provide custom-formulated polymer to make your dewatering process fast, simple, and easy.

If you’re ready to learn more about how Flo Trend can solve your liquid waste hauling challenges quick, call us today at 1.800.762.9893 for a free consultation. If you’re on a strict budget, we offer financing and equipment rental. Contact us today for a free on-site demonstration!