Many rural communities don’t have the luxuries of cities or suburbs. One of those luxuries is a wastewater treatment facility. Instead, these small towns and counties rely on wastewater lagoons or ponds to take care of their wastewater. These solutions use carefully balanced chemical, biological, and mechanical systems to filter and treat their wastewater.


These wastewater treatment options can be maintained easily enough, but over time they become dirty and, therefore, less efficient. The first step in cleaning your lagoon or pond properly is knowing when to clean it.


So when should your lagoon be cleaned? The simple answer is that it needs to be cleaned when it’s full. They can fill up after years of use or heavy dumping. However, natural fillers such as leaves, grass, animal waste, and other organic materials can hasten the cleaning timeline of a lagoon. Once a pond or lagoon is dirty, it can very quickly begin to function improperly.


To properly clean your pond or lagoon, it’s best to leave it up to the professionals. Flo Trend’s experienced team of wastewater professionals can clean wastewater ponds and lagoons of any size and anywhere in the U.S.—no matter how dirty.


Flo Trend’s technicians perform an on-site evaluation of your pond or lagoon to determine the most efficient solution for your facility. Our technicians take care of any permits, equipment, manpower, or other requirements for your project.


So how will your lagoon or pond be restored to its full efficiency? Flo Trend brings equipment that rapidly stirs, pressurizes, and fires an 18-foot blast of wastewater. The pressurized stream creates a current in the lagoon and suspends the solids settled on the bottom, allowing it to be pumped out. The removed solids are placed into a holding tank.


From there, sludge is pumped into the holding tank, combined with a custom polymer, and is dewatered using our equipment. These solids are hauled to the dump and disposed of as solid waste, all in the matter of days.


If your wastewater lagoon requires maintenance, we can return it to peak operation in no time. Simply give us a call today at 1-800-762-9893 for a free consultation.