Building reinforced concrete walls for tunnels, foundations, and other structures can be a real challenge in areas near open water or with a high groundwater table. In such cases, slurry walls must be created. It’s a problem that the water-treatment experts at Flo Trend have heard about from our customers for years, and it’s led to the creation of our Jet Shear and Hopper system.

This simple, highly engineered system was developed specifically for slurry wall creation. The Jet Shear and Hopper efficiently and effectively mix dry materials with liquids—ideal for slurry. Here’s how it works: Dry material is introduced into the Hopper, where it’s drawn down into Flo Trend’s Eductor, a piece of equipment designed to efficiently convey or mix powders, pellets, granules, and bulk solids using a motive liquid stream. From the Eductor, the dry material is transported to the Jet Shear, where it’s mixed and thoroughly blended into a homogenous slurry solution ready for application.

The Jet Shear is designed for use with flexible industrial containers called super sacks. The Hopper includes water nozzles installed on each side of the four walls to help facilitate the movement of dry material into the throat of the Eductor.

The Jet Shear and Hopper system is designed to be as efficient, foolproof, and affordable a solution to slurry wall construction as is possible. The system is ideal for use across many different industries, including construction, oil and gas, excavation, and many others requiring applications for waterproof reinforcement. Best of all, Flo Trend can create customized Jet Shear and Hopper configurations ideally suited to our customers’ specific needs.

If you’d like to know more about our Jet Shear and Hopper system or about Flo Trend’s other innovative mixing equipment, call our engineering experts anytime at 1-800-762-9893 and ask about how we can help keep your next project on-time and under-budget.