One of the most common complaints we hear from our customers and friends in the wastewater industry is how easy, costly, and annoying it is to clog equipment and headworks with rags, wipes, and other pesky debris in septic or industrial waste. Our wastewater treatment engineers went to work on the problem and devised the perfect, affordable solution to the problem. We call it the Debris Mate, and it has made clogs and jams caused by wipes and other debris in wastewater a thing of the past.

Thanks to an innovation we call the swinging bar screen, the Debris Mate can process 100,000 gallons of wastewater without so much as a single wipe slipping through. No other container filter can do that, and our customers love how much time and effort it saves them.

The swinging bar screen isn’t the Debris Mate’s only important innovation, however. The expanded metal grating that covers the Debris Mate’s side walls acts as a strong barrier against being punctured by rocks, stones, sticks, or gravel. This makes the Debris Mate the perfect tool for filtering large amounts of inorganics from vacuum truck, storm drain, and lift station wastewater before adding it to the head works of a municipal wastewater plant or industrial waste stream.

We’ve demonstrated the Debris Mate’s capabilities at major wastewater trade shows such as WEFTEC and WWETT, and industry pros are always amazed at how efficiently these pieces of equipment work. Stop spending your time and money clearing up dewatering clogs and obstructions and let the Debris Mate handle that for you!

When you’re ready to kiss the clogs goodbye, give Flo Trend’s expert technicians a call today at 1-800-762-9893 for a free consultation on how we can engineer a custom dewatering solution to fit your needs and budget.

Watch the Debris Mate in action here: