Flo Trend takes pride in the ability to process a wide variety of liquid wastes, from grease to grit to food waste to sludge and more. Our mission is to offer a comprehensive suite of services to our customers capable of solving any and all wastewater challenges they may have. One of the services we offer to meet our customers’ needs is grease trap waste treatment.

As the limits of municipal infrastructure are strained by age and population, eliminating fats, oils, and greases from sewer lines is critical. Businesses that clean grease traps need municipal plants to accept all of the grease trap waste generated by the restaurants, businesses, and government-run entities in their local communities; otherwise, they face costly and environmentally irresponsible problems.

Fortunately, Flo Trend has the equipment and expertise to assist. We’re industry leaders in solids/liquids separation and wastewater treatment! In order to provide a comprehensive suite of services to our valued water treatment customers, Flo Trend provides grease trap waste treatment and disposal services. This service can extend the life of your trap and protect your business while ensuring that your grease trap waste is managed in total compliance with all regulatory and industry best practices.

Flo Trend removes waste solids from grease trap waste and then extracts and purifies the recovered plant- and animal-based oils for recycling. By filtering the wastewater prior to discharge, Flo Trend helps reduces the burden on the region’s wastewater treatment plants.

Need a grease trap waste solution for your business? Call Flo Trend’s wastewater experts at 1-800-762-9893 for a free consultation on the ideal solution to your specific challenges. Our mission is to save you time and money!