Flo Trend recently announced its new water processing technology the Water Recycling Unit. The new unit makes wastewater treatment easy and green by recycling the water from industrial runoff and drainage and makes it suitable for industrial use.


The new Wastewater Recycling Unit (WRU) is a unique combination of straightforward, low-energy, proven technologies that filter 50–70 percent of wastewater to a reusable level.


The environmentally friendly technology is partially mobile, can be customized to fit any facility, and works for many applications, including car washes, industrial job sites, barge-cleaning operations, and more.


“This is Flo Trend’s key product for recycling and reclaiming water from industrial processes,” said Flo Trend President and CEO Court Loeffler. “It’s just another great example of how Flo Trend can help improve a process to reduce water and wastewater costs. We’ve always been an innovator in providing custom solutions to save facilities money on water processing, and this is one of several new proprietary technologies we’ve been working on.”


In order for the WRU to lower costs and continuously serve as the main source of water for industrial sites, Flo Trend’s engineers also made the equipment low-maintenance. To achieve this, the unit has few moving parts and allows a facility to shut off its water supply in order to use reclaimed water that would otherwise runoff. This lowers costs both from water usage and water drainage fees.


The first installation of the WRU was completed for Manheim Auto Auction in Houston. Manheim, a massive, six-lane carwash and sales facility, is projected to have a 50-percent reduction in water-related costs each year by recycling an average of 345,600 gallons of wastewater per month.


“Flo Trend specializes in partnering with a company to create the greatest value for a given problem by creating a custom solution,” said Vice President of Marketing and Sales Glenn Massey. “This adaptable equipment can be used for a number of applications and facilities. The revolutionary technology provides proven techniques to eliminate cost and help with the bottom line.”


The WRU is one of many wastewater treatment technologies that Flo Trend has offered in its 30 years in business. The company specializes in dewatering solutions and water treatment services, and will continue to expand its customizable options for the WRU.


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