Does your organization handle a lot of vacuum truck waste and sludge? Flo Trend heard from many customers and clients across the United States who needed a better, more effective, and cost-efficient option to keep large debris from clogging or jamming equipment during vacuum-truck offloading. It’s a common issue that slows work down, wears on equipment, and adds avoidable costs to the job.

Well, we did something about it! Flo Trend’s Large Debris Strainer is a septic vacuum truck’s best friend. With 2,380 square inches of strainer-basket area and 82 gallons of storage volume above the strainer basket, this customizable piece of filtering equipment is ideal for straining out large debris from sludge during vacuum-truck offloading and plant headwords applications. Most importantly, the Flo Trend Large Debris Strainer is designed to hold up to 30 psi of pressure without leaking!

Here’s how it works: The Large Debris Strainer’s inlet manifold helps distribute the load evenly across the strainer basket, keeping pressure consistent. Its 30-pound end covers are hinged, with swing-bolt and wingnut closures for rugged reliability. The Large Debris Strainer’s strainer baskets are constructed in two sections, each of which slides out of either end of the strainer vessel for solids removal when the end covers are open. The end of the strainer baskets is also hinged and pivots down and out of the way when it’s time to clean debris out of the basket.

The Large Debris Strainer is a remarkable piece of equipment that saves time, money, and hassle every time you offload a vacuum truck. If you have any questions about how the Large Debris Strainer can be put to work for your organization, don’t hesitate to call Flo Trend anytime at 1-800-762-9893 or watch the Large Debris Strainer in action in the video below: