Flo Trend’s Sludge Mate container filters are the most versatile, cost-effective, and mobile solution for all kinds of dewatering applications. We build and deliver these custom-made pieces of equipment to businesses across the country that deal with sludge on a regular basis. For some applications, however, the Sludge Mate might only be needed one every 20 years or more.

One such application is wastewater lagoon cleaning. Since many municipalities and organizations don’t have the budget to purchase or rent a Sludge Mate and other equipment to clean their lagoons only when they become full, Flo Trend’s water-treatment experts offer lagoon cleaning as a service nationwide!

Our comprehensive services are designed to manage your lagoon’s biosolids, organic industrial residues, water treatment residual materials including aluminum and lime, and good, old-fashioned water filtering.

Every lagoon project is unique. Material consistencies and quantities, lagoon conditions, access, owner preferences, and disposal/reuse issues are all important factors to consider when finding the ideal solution to your needs. Flo Trend has the equipment and expertise to complete the removal of accumulated biosolids, lime sludge, and many other materials from your organization’s storage lagoon or pond. Typically, one of our Sludge Mate models is ideal for the job, but for larger projects, we will utilize a belt filter press. We can handle almost any lagoon project, regardless of the basin’s condition or size.

To complement our lagoon cleaning services, Flo Trend also offers transportation of removed materials off-site for land application or landfill disposal. Our customized service packages are flexible, making us the most efficient, comprehensive, and cost-effective choice for your lagoon-cleaning project.

If you have questions about Flo Trend’s lagoon-cleaning capabilities, including pricing and availability, call us today at 1-800-762-9893 to speak to one of our water treatment experts about the right solution for your lagoon. Flo Trend is a comprehensive provider of lagoon treatment materials, equipment, and expertise. We’ll help you get the job done right.