The Debris Mate

The Sludge Mate

The Large Debis Strainer

Flo Trend Systems has been a leader in manufacturing dewatering, filtration, separation, and mixing equipment for over 37 years. We are especially known for our container filters and septic waste water equipment.

We have a 15 year history as a supplier to Roto Rooter Franchises and have taken the next step– becoming a Roto Rooter Gold Endorsed Vendor.

Please come visit us in our booth at the Roto Rooter Franchise Conference June 12-15, and check us out on the web using the button below.

What we provide for the Roto-Rooter Franchise Association:

  • Cut Liquid Hauling Cost Up to 70%

  • Offer Flexible Financing and Rental Options

The Equipment That Does the Job

Strain large debris such as rags, wipes, rocks, storm drain waste, port-o-potty, and vac truck waste using products like our

Dewater Using our Sludge Mate Container Filter for

  • Biosolids
  • Grease Trap Waste
  • Slaughter House Waste Water
  • Arsenic Sludge
  • Alum Sludge
  • Ferric Sludge