Sludge is always a problem. Small amounts of sludge are easily manageable, but what about thousands of gallons of it? How about slurries and streams of it? Municipalities, industrial water treatment facilities, grease-trap waste haulers, and other organizations know that dewatering is a tough and time-consuming job.


That’s where Flo Trend comes in. Flo Trend, the leader in filtration, liquids/solids separation, oil/water separation, and mixing, has developed a versatile line of products and services designed to make dealing with sludge easier. Our custom-built dewatering equipment, supplies, and products are affordable and built to suit any site and project across dozens of industries. Our patented container filters and polymer injection systems efficiently dewater all types of wastewater sludge and do it on-site, meaning filtered solids and easily and affordably be transported to an approved disposal site.


After working across the country for more than 30 years, there is no dewatering challenge that Flo Trend has not encountered. Digested sludge, alum sludge, grease-trap waste, and septic-tank waste are all effectively and quickly dealt with using our dewatering equipment. Need to see it for yourself? Our technicians will come to you. Flo Trend offers on-site demos of our dewatering equipment across North America. We’ll even bring polymer matched to a sample of your sludge.


Want to see our equipment in action now? Head to our YouTube page and browse our videos. You can see several of our dewatering equipment models tackling tough jobs.

If you’re looking for a solution to a tough dewatering job, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We look forward to every challenge! Contact us today, and one of our water treatment specialists will offer a free consultation based on your specific needs. If you need equipment, dewatering services, dewatering watering chemicals, or supplies, Flo Trend is the partner you’ve been looking for.