Some jobs require high-efficiency filtration to recover valuable or hazardous solids and liquids fractions. For these jobs, we recommend Flo Trend’s Power Pak Filter Press—a highly portable and effective piece of pressure filtration equipment intended for easy use in the field. It’s unique design makes it an ideal tool for product recovery, sludge dewatering, and product filtration. Here’s how:

1. Construction
The Flo Trend Power Pak Filter Press is made from the highest-quality carbon steel, with the entire frame sandblasted, primed, and coated with epoxy paint. Inlet and outlet manifolds are constructed in either stainless steel or sch. 80 PVC.

2. Filter Cloth
The Power Pak Filter Press uses a set of carbon-impregnated, UV-resistant polypropylene filter cloths. These filter cloths, attached to the filter membranes, are quick and easy to remove and replace. The mono/multi-filament, heat-set, calendared filter cloths are designed to last for years.

3. Filter Plates
The filter plates are the primary functioning component of a Flo Trend Power Pak Filter Press. These recessed filter plates are constructed of molded, homogenous polypropylene. This makes them chemical-resistant. They’re engineered to produce maximum drainage for the liquid, allowing a minimum of resistance to flow without blocking or distorting filter media.

4. Automatic Plate Shifter
This is an optional component. Flo Trend’s air-operated, semi-automatic plate shifting device moves the filter plates easily for dry cake discharge.

5. Closure System
The Flo Trend Power Pak Filter Press features an automatic closing mechanism consisting of a double-acting, high-pressure hydraulic cylinder, powered by an air-operated hydraulic pump. The closing device functions to open and close the filter press and to maintain a sealing pressure while the press is in operation. An optional overriding manual pump is available for emergency use. All of these components are conveniently installed in a steel housing that has a locking, waterproof cabinet door. The hydraulic system is mounted on a panel that can be removed from the cabinet and replaced immediately if needed.

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