Flo Trend recently announced its new water processing technology the Water Recycling Unit. The first completed project using the Water Recycling Unit was a major project with Manheim, the world’s largest wholesale auto auction. The Manheim facility houses a massive, six-lane car wash and sales building. The Flo Trend team customized the Water Recycling Unit to recycling hundreds of thousands of gallons of water each month for the company’s large carwash, which would cut costs and be a more environmentally friendly solution.


The new unit makes wastewater treatment easy and green by recycling the water from industrial runoff and drainage and makes it suitable for industrial use. This unit alone is now recycling more than 340,000 gallons of water per month—a 50-percent reduction in water-related costs.


The Water Recycling Unit, which is fully automated, allowed Manheim to cut costs on multiple fronts. The unit recycles 10–46 gallons per minute, most often at 30 gallons per minute.


The Wastewater Recycling Unit is a unique combination of low-energy, proven technologies that filter 50–70 percent of wastewater to a reusable level. While the unit in this case is used for a carwash, the Water Recycling Unit can be customized to fit nearly any size facility and for any water recycling need.


If your company is interested in wastewater treatment or a Water Recycling Unit, contact us today for a free consultation. Our technicians will determine the right equipment for your needs, whether on a smaller or even larger scale.


To read the complete press release with additional information on the Water Recycling Unit, click here.