With more than 30 years of experience in dewatering, Flo Trend has developed an entire catalog of products for dewatering needs. Whether your project is a small basin or an expansive lagoon, Flo Trend’s Sludge Mate and accessories allow you and our experienced team of technicians to customize the best dewatering solution for your needs. In only a matter of days, your wastewater pond or lagoon can be cleaned to allow for another 10–20 years of use.


The Sludge Mate is a container filter that is used alongside polymer to dewater various kinds of waste. The polymer is mixed in with the waste before it is processed through the Sludge Mate, making the process of dewatering much faster and easier. The filters within the Sludge Mate retain the solids and allow the water to pass through and out of drainage ports. After about 12 –24 hours, the clear liquid that has passed through the Sludge Mate will be ready for proper disposal.


Finding the Right Sludge Mate

Flo Trend offers the Sludge Mate in various sizes. Your technician will be able to determine what size your project requires. We currently offer units from 15 cubic yards (15,000 gallons) to 40 cubic yards (40,000 gallons).


The type of sludge you have may also determine what filter media should be used during your project. The Sludge Mate can dewater digested sludge, alum sludge, grease trap waste, and septic tank waste. Standard filter media for the Sludge Mate is the Poly 200 Filter Media.


Your project could require a cover. Our engineers have created a large variety of roof options, including the open top, peaked roof with hatches, side-to-side rolling tarp cover, side-to-side sliding aluminum lid, and over/under sliding lid.


These are only a few variants your technician will take into account when determining the right dewatering solution for your wastewater project. To learn more, contact us today.