Flo Trend has been a leader in the wastewater industry for more than 30 years. In the past few decades, we’ve learned that whether your project is big or small, financing your cost-cutting wastewater equipment can be a hassle. That’s why we offer a hassle-free Lease, Rental, Purchase (LRP) Plan for financing.

If you’re planning to buy equipment next year, we have news for you. If you act in the next few weeks, you could qualify your business for 2017 Section 179 tax benefits.

Click here to calculate the potential savings on 2017 taxes if you get equipped before the end of the year. Flo Trend has a great selection that’s eligible for Section 179. Plus, your purchase may qualify for financing that defers your first payment until 2018.

The Benefits of Financing Your Wastewater Equipment
All qualified Flo Trend equipment includes shipping, installation, and training, but the benefits don’t stop there.
• Eliminate upfront costs and budget restrictions
• Application-only up to $100,000 (over $100,000 requires full financial review)
• Low, upfront payment**
• Other lease structures and buyout options available

How to Get Started
Getting started with a Flo Trend LRP Financing Plan is simple. Here’s where to start:
How does your business qualify for the Flo Trend LRP Financing Plan?
• Step 1: Contact your local Flo Trend sales representative here.
• Step 2: Complete the credit application by pressing the button below.
• Step 3: Flo Trend will provide 0% interest, $1 buyout financing options for your commercial project with terms ranging from 24–42 months.

If you have questions about our wastewater equipment or LRP financing, contact us today. A Flo Trend representative will schedule an on-site demo and provide you with a custom quote.