Flo Trend is a global leader in supplying customized mixing and blending equipment to municipal and industrial wastewater customers across many different industries. Our patented, easy-to-use blending equipment is more reliable and lasts longer than our competitors’. Flo Trend custom fabricates mixers and blenders engineered by experts in liquid flow and we supply chemical additives specific to your industry’s needs. No matter where your wastewater project is located, Flo Trend blending solutions can help your company meet its requirements under even the toughest conditions. Our equipment’s all-steel construction is guaranteed to last for decades, and our warranties ensure that you’ll never worry about downtime.

Blending and mixing are only two of many functions that Flo Trend equipment can perform quickly and efficiently. Flo Trend also offers customized solutions for filtration, dewatering, and separation. No matter what wastewater challenges you face, we’re sure to have equipment, manpower, and expertise to fit your needs.


Need a custom-sized dewatering container filter to fit your jobsite’s footprint? Flo Trend can help! We custom-build all of our equipment to match your requisite data. After receipt of purchase order, we will prepare a drawing that will be sent out to you for approval. We do not begin building until you have signed and sent back the drawing.


Flo Trend provides a one-year warranty on all of our dewatering and mixing equipment as well as a five-year warranty on our filter media with normal use. For further details or to make a claim, contact us today.